Grants for Volunteers going to work overseas

SECMA offers grants of up to £250 for people ordinarily resident in Scotland (and those resident for the purpose of education) who are about to embark on a period of work overseas that will primarily benefit an impoverished community.

Our main stipulation is that the applicant must have regular contact with a church congregation (of any denomination).

We accept applications from people of any age, as long as you can demonstrate the required common sense and physical fitness to do the work.

Typically, our grants are used by:-

  • People going abroad long term with VSO and other charities (UMN for instance).
  • Medical students doing electives in a third world country.
  • Young people travelling abroad with Project Trust, Operation Raleigh, the Vine Trust and similar.

We do not object to you having some free time to travel while you are abroad, but we will look carefully at the amount of benefit that the host community receives, compared to the benefit to yourself.

If a group of people are going travelling together to work on the same project, we will only consider an application from one member of that group.

Applications from individuals under 16, and those travelling with large groups from school/university or from youth groups and who are going to  be abroad for less than a fortnight are unlikely to succeed.

The application process requires the completion of a form, supplying the names of two referees, followed by an informal interview with the SECMA Diocesan Representative and Correspondent  that cover the Anglican diocese in which you reside.

When you return, a written report (with photographs if at all possible) should be sent to the SECMA office promptly. This will feature in our magazine  “Links” and may be used on this website.

Please contact the Secretary at  to request an application form.

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