The Scottish Episcopal Church Mission Association is an organisation dedicated to the relief of poverty overseas.

SECMA was founded 140 years ago by the wish of the General Synod, and brought into being by the then Bishop of Edinburgh and his wife. (we have had a couple of name changes since then). Today we regard ourselves as being “of the church, and yet independent “.

Membership of SECMA is open to men and women from any denomination (or none) who are happy to support our aims.

Relief of poverty takes many forms. In many cases, helping children (particularly girls)  to gain an education is a vital tool in preventing poverty in the future. In other situations, providing the funds to build a piggery or a poultry unit helps to provide employment and food in the short term.

We also help with several HIV prevention projects (along with help for those living and dying from HIV), and we help to keep vital resources open for the elderly.

We support many projects in Africa, but also cover India, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. Decisions of which projects to support are made by our Business and Central Committees in March, June and October.

Wherever possible, projects are chosen that we have a direct link with – perhaps someone in the UK who has worked abroad and knows the people in question, or someone who travels to that area regularly.

If you know a project that would benefit from SECMA’s help, start the process by an informal discussion with the Secretary – please see the contact page,


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